In My Room – January 29, 2014


Last week’s show featured a new studio mix called “My Expert Tease” by Art Official. The 102 minute set is a blend of over 60 tracks and several vocal overdubs and custom mash-ups, his specialty. Expect a blend of Electro-House, Nu-Disco, Bass and UK Garage, Deep House and House mashed-up and overlayed with tons of Pop Hip-Hop/Rap, and Oddball vocals. If you tuned in during the live airing,you likely want a copy of your own and if you’re just getting the scoop now; catch up:

Art Official – My Expert Tease

Thanks again to my man Art Official whose latest mix shows why he’s one of the Maritimes’ most in-demand  party-rockers.

P.S. No tracklist at this time.

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