In My Room is a Toronto-based radio program dedicated to showcasing the many moods and sounds of electronic dance music.  Airing weekly on Wednesday nights, the 2 hour show is by times a continuous live dj mix, a rambunctious B2B/Tag-Team House Party Style dj mix with multiple djs, a live PA, or even a curated journey into sound…

Since 2007, In My Room has helped to promote the wealth of emerging and underground DJs and producers from this city. Whereas some shows or podcasts relentlessly hype novelty and breathlessly chase down the next “big” sound du jour, In My Room is a genre-spanning hub where musical influences from the past, present and future are brought together.

Sounds like: Techno, Electro, House, Disco, Funk, Boogie, Synthpop, Breaks, Hip-Hop,  Bass, Ghetto-tech, Booty, Juke, Drum ‘n’ Bass, IDM, Ambient.

Listen live on Wednesday nights 10pm-12am EST on www.radioregent.com

Follow me on Twitter: @imrradio

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