In My Room feat. Sammie J – May 28, 2014

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Local party promoter, DJ and newly-minted music label owner Sammie J was back on the show and delivered a set of House music that ran the gamut of sub-genres from Tribal, Deep, to Techy and Jackin’. The co-founder has been working overtime lately to promote events in Southern Ontario and to showcase the sound of his new label, 6n7music. While the label has a back catalog of popular and commercial style electro house, he and his partners are looking to diversify the roster to attract fans of new style Deep House, Tech-House, and Techno.

During our interview, about about halfway through the mix (56min),  Sam surprised me by announcing that they are also considering signing a few bands to the label. In fact, just last week they announced on their Facebook page that they had just signed Rock/Metal band Persist. So, bands, vocalists and producers take note: 6n7music is on the hunt!

Eager to get a taste of the festival experience, Sammie J announced that is also involved in promoting  and sponsoring the DJ competition and helping to book the talent at the Fenelon Falls Sun Surf Spin Festival running June 27-29, 2014. It’s big undertaking and I wish him the best of luck!

And for those of you in Toronto over Pride weekend, be sure to check out Bassline on Saturday, June 28, 2014 for “Under the Hood” an LGBT event featuring Chiclet, Linguist and more!


Jesse Garcia & DJ Dario Nunez – Hey DJ
DJ Dario Nunez & Julian The Angel – Sweet Child Of Mine
DJ PP & Jerome Robins feat. MC Flipside – Dirty Beats (Vlada Asanin RMX)
DJ Mawely feat. Thane – People of the Sun RMX [FORTHCOMING ON 6N7 MUSIC]
Oliver Schmitz & Micah Sherman – To the House
Dirty Secretz – Whatever
Legitimate Scandal – Fu Gee LA
Esteban Gallo – The Godfather
Riva Starr & Noze – I was Drunk
DJ Soulstarr & Erin Ragland – White Rabbit
Pan Pot – White Fiction
Martin Eyerer – The Cake (Pan Pot RMX)
Axl Colin – Nina Simone RMX
Maguta & Whisperer – Orgasm
Avrosee & Louie Cut – The Thief
Stefano Mango & DJ Vitto – Bar Funk
Stefano Mango & DJ Vitto – Got Da Funk
Parra for Cuva feat. Anna Naklab – Wicked Games
Rocco – TBT3
Super Agent 33 & MGB – Break the Silence
Tony Verdu – The Preacher Cried
Sydney Blu – Who gives a Fuck!?
Thomas Gold – In your face (Abel Ramos Munich RMX)
Milk & Sugar – Hey (Nah Neh Nah)
Stranger Danger – Shadrack (DJ Eclipse Jook Joint RMX)
DJ Doclink – The 11th Formula (The Devil’s Advocate)
Simon Adams & Stefano Mango – Funky Spaghetti
Kid Enigma – On the Ropes (Derrick Carter RMX)



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