Hot Jambalaya! Promos, Demos and Mixes for y’all!

Image courtesy of DeccanChronicle29th Sep 2013

Image courtesy of DeccanChronicle29th Sep 2013

A selection of stuff from Soundcloud that I’ve been really into lately. Sounds like: Techno, Tech-House, House 

First up is some dark, driving, industrial-sounding, techno with a swung groove courtesy of Seb Marx on Gushtech Records.

Fans of the off-kilter, mechanical, distorted and crunchy techno sound will love this freebie from 3.DL

Free DJ-friendly late-night lo0py House with a chunky groove and tons of throwback appeal from Riva Starr.

Fourthly, a pulsing, at-times atmospheric, dubby and techy bit of Deep House that is bound to get your head bobbin’ by the Netherlands’ Mr. Gargoyle.

Finally, a Minimix of Jesse Rose‘s latest LP The Whole Twelve Inches; a collection of Groovin’, Jackin’, Quirky, Bumpin’, Techy, & Deep Late-Night House tracks! You’ve likely heard some of these in the clubs over the last year. Each track was put out as its own 12inch before finally being united in this compilation album. Prediction: You’re gonna hear some of these a lot more this spring/summer!

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