Get ready for the Nutbuster’s Ball!

We’re a couple days out from the event and so I thought I’d  put up a “primer” of the music listed on the flyer.

For those of you unfamiliar with this type of event, this is a small cross section of what you’ll hear:


Splack Pack – Shake That Ass Bitch

Dj Smurf – Pop That Pussy and Shake That Ass

Soundmaster T – 2 Much Booty (In The Pants)


DJ Assault – Accelerated Funk Pt. 2

In this case the genre is applied quite literally….
DJ Funk – P-Funk

DJ Omega vs. DJ Deeon & DJ Funk – Pussy Beater Pony (DJ Stud400mash)

DJ Assault – Love the pussy

Disco D & DJ Profit – Booty Bar Anthem

Erik Travis – Hips


Refers to the sound of Baltimore as popularized by Aaron LaCrate, Diplo at Mad Decent, et al.

Baltimore Club Music – Beat That Pussy Up

Baltimore Club Music – I just wanna fuck

baltimore club mix-slob on my knob


Hogtown is one of Toronto’s more popular nicknames. We used to run a fair bit of pork through’s better than Swineland right? Bangers, well bangers are both sausages and, in a club-sense,  tunes that hit hard and command a dancefloor.

Since we’ve got 2 Toronto producers on the bill, Flex Rock and Cryogenetic, it’s inevitable that they’ll play their own music and Cryo will undoubtedly play tracks from his Intellegenix label roster, hence Hogtown Bangers.  Clever eh? 😉 I think I may copyright that name…

Syntonics – Work That Body (Sonic 86 Remix)

Sonic 86 – Raw feat. DJ Nasty

Syntonics – Don’t Stop Pop (Juno)

Syntonics – Where U Git Dat Troop? (Juno)


Refers to a song made up of samples of the sounds people make during sex, the things that they may say to each other, as well as explicitly sexual dance commands. Mostly, but not always, very loopy or simply arranged. As far as I know, I’m the first to deploy this construction as a sub-genre.

Also, I really like the way PORNOLOOP looks in lower case: pornoloop

Mmm, yeah.

Baltimore Club Music – I just wanna fuck

DJ Clent – Work it

Non Stop DJs – Gotta Suck Dick

DJ Omega – Pop that Ass

We’ve got a BIG night laid out for you and we can’t wait to hear what DJ Assault will bring!


Dress to sweat!

Whatchya say to me now?

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