In My Room feat. Terror Tone – Jan.30, 2011

Thanks to Splattermonkey for taking this photo in front of the parking garage! I gapped on it in the studio…

Local Bass-maker, Terror Tone, was on the show this month and he ripped it up proper!

He took the first hour and tore through a great selection of tunes; we even got to hear a couple of his forthcoming productions!

In case you didn’t know, now ya do:

“Terror Tone aka Luke D is a producer based out of Toronto, Canada, his various remixes and original productions have received critical acclaim, making several recommended lists on such retailers such as Juno Download (5 times), Mixmag Online and others. Luke’s productions cross genres frequently, he has made everything from Dubstep, Electro, Uk Funky to Breakbeats… Sitting at the computer for hours with his essentials: Cubase, multiple synths, and loads of coffee – Terror Tone churns out unparalleled original beats at a pace that would intimidate most. From his productions, it’s clear that he doesn’t hold back – but instead indulges in every parameter available. His dedication to music is unrivaled: a true slave to his passion.”


Music (Soundcloud)

Terror Tone & gl.tch – In My Room – Jan.30,2011


  1. Kaoma – Lambada (Terror Tone Remix) (Dub) *EXCLUSIVE*
  2. DJ Zinc ft.Benga and Sweetie Irie – Number 1 Girls
  3. Lucy Lo – Blair Beat (Terror Tone RMX)
  4. Brakemonster – New Balance (Terror Tone RMX)
  5. DJ Zinc – Nexx
  6. Sub Focus – Move Higher
  7. Marvul – Quaark (Terror Tone RMX)
  8. Gooffee – Two is Better Than One (Terror Tone RMX) (Dub)
  9. L-Vis 1990 – Forever You ft. Shadz French Fries – Senta (Bambounou RMX)
  10. Venom & Damage – Deeper (Doc Daneeka RMX)
  11. Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride (Keith and Supabeatz RMX)
  12. Avicii and Sebastien Drums – My Feelings for You
  13. Nom De Strip – Klap The Squatters ft. MC Dutch Courage – Girls Love Bass (Dale Castell RMX)
  14. Sandro Silva – Hands High
  15. Crookers – Cooler Couleur ft Yelle (AC Slater RMX)
  16. Drop the Lime – Sex Sax (Bart B More RMX)
  17. Terror Tone ft. Dick Diamonds – Rinse Out
  18. Deekline & Dustin Hulton feat. Sporty-O – Apple Bottom
  19. Sporty-O – Guestlist (Terror Tone Breakbeat RMX)
  20. VIP, The Angry Kids, Bob Marley, Love Assassins – Mr.Brown (Agent X RMX)
  21. Terror Tone – Mark of the Demon (Forthcoming) *EXCLUSIVE*
  22. Magnetic Man – I Need Air (ft. Angela Hunte)
  23. Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (Datsik Remix)
  24. Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning Of The End (TTPW Remix)
  25. Emalkay – When I Look at You
  26. Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game Over
  27. We Bang – Smash The Floor
  28. Netsky – Missing You
  29. Magnetic Man – The Cyberman
  30. Feed Me – Cloudburn


Since he was using Traktor and I use Serato, we had to switch the setup around between the mixes. Luckily, Splattermonkey happened to drop by the station and was able to run the interview for me while I fiddled and fussed about with wires!

  1. DJ Defkline & Red Polo – We Got The Funk
  2. Oh Snap!! -Bill Cosby Sweater (Kazey & Bulldog RMX)
  3. J-Break Ft. Divine Biaque & ZKI – Critics
  4. Doc Nasty – Street Sweeper
  5. Blackmass Plastics – This Is A Rave
  6. Crux & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource – Dominator (AC Slater RMX)
  7. Mindtransit – Rave Da Roof
  8. Christian Michaels – I am
  9. Drexciya – You Don’t Know
  10. Aux 88 – Let It Ride
  11. Hydraulix – Hydroz Have Landed
  12. Electronome – Bass Commander
  13. Cryogenetic ft. Syntonics – In the Next Life
  14. Trinity Hi-Fi – Never Let U Go

Unfortunately, this might be my last ever In My Room. On Friday, Jan.28th the CRTC issued a ruling to revoke CKLN’s broadcasting licence. This came as a surprise to many here at the station and although we are working on an appeal, we have been ordered to cease broadcasting on Feb.12, 2011.

So, best case scenario: we’re on hiatus for a little bit. Worst case: that’s it.

In the meantime,

If you care about independent community radio in Toronto and want to help us stay on the air, please take a moment to sign our online petition:

This petition may make the CRTC reconsider their decision.

However, we can’t put all of our faith in this effort alone. We have also started a letter writing campaign to let solicit support from our MPs. Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton has already offered his support!

You can keep up to date on our struggle at

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