Review of Projek: Stanton Warriors Live PA in the Gallery – Jan.14,2011

Last Friday night I was lucky enough to score 2 last minute tickets to attend a sold out performance by the Stanton Warriors on their world wide winter tour. Always been a big fan of their take on breaks and chances are if you’ve seen me or any of the other EG djs, you’ve heard a Stanton Warriors track or 2.

Regrettably I missed Mickey D’s set and arrived to catch the last 20 min of Tasc who did a good job of warming up the Gallery.

I last saw the Stanton Warriors almost 2 years ago when they performed in the Drink, upstairs at the Guv complex and danced from start to finish. I’m pleased to report that this time around was no different!

Just like last time, the Live PA set up consisted of a laptio running Ableton and 2 Pioneer CDJs. They looked like they were having a lot of fun and the vibe was great. Smiles all around. A bit more “poppy” than last time around e.g. Beach Boys Good Vibrations remix (shudder) and some top 40 club hip hop vocals layered over tough breaks.

A few favorites from years past were given a new rub: Pop the Cork was transformed into a Dubstep tune with the vocals significantly pared down, that track, who’s name escapes me now, with the lyrics “Hands up thumbs down! Represent that D town!” was turned into a Electrohouse club anthem complete with alarms and sirens, Blaqstarr’s “Shake it to the Ground” was also sped up and re-arranged to great effect.

Occasional Dubstep interludes were a nice change of pace but looking out at the crowd the dance floor seemed to go into arrhythmia for the dubstep tracks but quickly regained its bounce and shuffle when the more familiar break beats came back in.

Overall their sound had less swagger, booming bass and less Booty than in years past and instead favoured a more Rave, Electro-House, Club sound. The Gallery is a bit of an awkward space however, the smokers exit provided a welcome blast of cold air every now and again to cool off the packed dancefloor.

Thanks to Destiny, and Pure Phunk for putting on an awesome night of dancing!

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