Review: Void Presents…Lost Frequencies – Return to the D


Just got back from a full-on Techno assault hosted by Void at  Yauca Sports Bar – a heretofore unheard of little spot on Dundas W. The boys, Rouchos and WestsideWax, rented a Dynacord system for the night and the place was pumpin! I’ve heard Dynacord in action at larger venues but this was the first time I’ve heard it used in a smaller space. I would’ve liked to have arrived earlier for the soundcheck just to see how the rig can be configured…

Yauca is like most bars in the west-end, long and narrow. However, with 2 floors of dancing this place has promise – I think I saw a flyer advertising a free DnB weekly there on Fridays….

Over the course of a couple of hours I was treated to a great cross-section of techno expertly mixed on 3 decks with real honest-to-god vinyl!


And, discovered the versatility of the Behringer DDM4000 DJ Mixer. Usually I am nonplussed when it comes to Behringer’s dj series, however I was impressed by the layout and functionality of this beast of a mixer. Of particular interest to me was that the mixer has 2 freely assignable and, BPM-synchronized, FX engines allwoing for more on board control than what I’ve played with so far.

Although the turnout was a little sparse I have to commend Void for stepping up and putting on a quality show that both heads and the non-initiated could groove on. A free party with Dynacord and Techno talent…more please.



Here’s a sampling….

Andreas Marouchos – Fight Club Promotional Mix (60 minutes)

WestisdeWax Teaser Mix – Classic Techno, Chicago House, Breaks

I think they recorded the night – there were some gems played that had me sniffin’ around the record bags lookin’ for a glimpse 😉

6 responses to “Review: Void Presents…Lost Frequencies – Return to the D

  1. That Andreas Marouchos mix really is more Electro House than Techno (well half of it anyway). By Fight Club, do you mean it’s from the label Fight Club or is there a certain venue wherever you are with the same moniker? My mate Simon runs Fight Club the label over in Sydney and yea they cater mainly to Electro House and Breaks (or whatever constitutes Breaks these days =S).

    Nice post btw!

    • To the best of my knowledge, Rouchos just chose “Fight Club” as the name of the mix. Can you post up the link to your pal’s label? I’m always looking for new tunes!

      P.S. …..

      1) Leandro Gamez – Parade [Pornographic]
      2) Elton D – A1 (Hertz Remix) [Hz Trax]
      3) Eric Sneo and Felix Krocher – Take A Step [Beat Disaster Germany]
      4) Markantonio and Joseph Capriati – Omega [Analytic Trail]
      5) Paul Boex and Marco Rane – The Eastern Way [Naked Lunch]
      6) DJ Urban – You Work It Part 2 (Ben Sims Remix remastered) [Flux]
      7) Underworld – King of Snake (Dave Clarke Remix) [JBO]
      8) Killian’s Summer [TechOn Spain]
      9) Kazu Kimura – Bottom Heavy [Theory]
      10) Mark Williams – Techman [Ingoma]
      11) Marco Bailey and Tom Hades – Metoerite (Deg and Ployd Remix) [Remain Records]
      12) Spiros Kaloumenos – Handle with Care [Rhythm Convert]
      13) Ian Void vs Pette Vaydex & Josh Love – Round One (Ian Void – Version 2) [Techment]
      14) Crisitan Varela – Intensivita [Pornographic]
      15) Balthazar and Jackrock – Rocking Dancefloor (Cave Remix) [TechHead Greece]
      16) Rue East – Birmingham (Ben Sims Hardgroove Remix) [Pure Plastic]
      17) Ant. Nori and Gustavo – That’s the way we like to Funk [Atmosphere UK]
      18) Axel Karakasis – Don’t Talk [Amigos]
      19) Dolby D – Reed Road [Theory]
      20) Ben Sims – Women beat their men (version 3) [Kilabite Records]
      21) Marco Carola – A1 [ELP Medien and Verlags GmbH Southsoul]
      22) Osuna Xpansoul – OX (Michel De Hey remix) [Options]
      23) Paul Mac – Still Waters [Immigrant]
      24) Mark Williams – Warehouse [Ingoma]

  2. Hey Ryan thanks for your kind words. I sure I do see you out on the 18th. Anyway regarding Sutra congratulations; last nights event has been clearly plagued by the high winds and rain in Toronto. I have been attending Sutra for years and now that the traffic will be higher so keep up the good work.

    Below please find “Savitri”, a set sans all the usual trickery, fast pace and crunching beats. In its place please enjoy eclectic Funk, Tech-House, Disco tinged tunes and Progressive and Deep House grooves. No fancy tricks, no effects; just a bleep and a bloop from a deeper space. The mix starts off considerably lighter, but takes a few twists and turns along the way to make sure that listener glides into and out of genres. I hope you find the versatility and technical prowess pleasing.

    1) Heiko Laux – Santa Maria [Album Mix]
    2) The Tony Anderson Project – Pink and Yellow Beats [Pure Plastic]
    3) Gabriel Ananda – Babypunk [Treibstoff]
    4) Luxa Flex 001 – Drop it [Luxa Flex Records]
    5) Theo Parish – Falling Up (Technasia remix) [Synchrophone]
    6) Jacek Sienkiewicz – Six Feet Above (B – Side) [Recognition]
    7) David Durango – Move With Me [Poker Flat]
    8) Secret Cinema – Rita & Lynn (Peter Horrevorts Remix) [EC Records]
    9) Apotek Records presents Jerome Sydenham – GSXR 810 [Ken Iishi Remix]
    10) Fix (aka Orlando Voorn) – Dope Computer (Elliot Dodge Remix) [Night Vision]
    11) Secret Cinema – Water Gruv (Phonkstar Remix) [Team Records]
    12) Marco Carola – Secret Supply [Do.Mi.No]
    13) Bando – Palo Cero Palo [La Influencia]
    14) Reeko – Seleccion Natural (Christian Wunsch remix) [Warm Up Recordings]
    15) Gabriel Ben – Uber Hinaus Mythos (Marcelinho Cic) [TechHead]
    16) System 7 – Spacebird (Original) [A-Wave]
    17) Secret Cinema – Poolside (Edit) [EC Records]
    18) Sound Stream – Dance with me [Soundstream]
    19) Pascal FEOS vs MSO – Level Non Zero and Ongaku Music Present – Luv [Ongaku]

    Duration: 1h16m ____

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