Tonight: Bootymove 6!

Tons of quality jams in the city tonight. You’ll find me here:

Expect a range of booty/ghetto grooves from the straight-up porno jack to the hipster-rave alarm wonkstep.

The boys spell it out below:

SPLATTERMONKEY (The Splattermonkey Show) – We searched high and low for one of the craziest, most eclectic talents in the city and by gum, I think we’ve found him. Splattermonkey combines elements of just about every musical genre with only a single unifying theme – funk. Prepare to have your eardrums violated and your ability to walk severely hampered.

SYSTEMATIK (Eclectic Groove/Bootymove) – What can be said that hasn’t already been said? Systematik has consistently whipped it out and slapped Bootymove attendees with it on a monthly basis and all they can do is gaze, dumbfounded, at the DJ booth before their asses start shaking involuntarily. That’s right – Systematik’s sets are epilepsy for your ass, and I’m not one for hyperbole. Don’t miss this shit.

FREAKOUT! (Trashed!/Bootymove) – I didn’t want to talk about this, but we’ve been slipping these guys oxycontin on a daily basis since Bootymove 5 and they’re STILL bouncing off the walls. So if anyone knows how to make two guys that are ripped on oxycontin stop spinning glitchy, nasty house and breaks, please shoot me an email right away because this is starting to get ridiculous.

Whatchya say to me now?

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