Hot Shit! Vol.2


Hot Shit is back with the new, the old, the disco, and the jack!

Cryogenetic feat. Barbi – In the Next Life is soon to be released on their Intelligenix label and distributed by I can’t say enough good things about this track.  Cryo is a wiz at programming and arranging and this track, featuring pitched and warped vocals by Barbi, is built in the classic electro style. Bust out the cardboard, it’s goin down….

Dynamix II – Bass Generator  was orginally released in 1990 on Debonair Records but it easily stands the test of time. Quirky and cheeky samples litter the recording as the bass rumbles your chest. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down any online sales of Dynamix II ‘s back catalog so I uploaded this poor quality version for you to hear. These guys are true to the game and make the REAL electro.

Jackmaster – Crack House Talk EP [Idiot House Records] [buy]

Jackmaster returns with a hyperactive mix of ghetto, bass and slum attitude with Crack House Talk. Remixes courtesy of  label boss Acid Jacks, Aussie bad boys Wongo and soon to be huge italian beat maniac Gigi Barocco.

If you play at booty/ghetto parties, you can find a use for every track on this EP.  This is a MUST own EP.

The Jackmaster re-rubs all the famous ghetto lines:

Jackmaster – Back
Jackmaster – 2 Back
Jackmaster – Backapella
Jackmaster – Hey Jack!
Jackmaster – Hey Jack! (Extended Fun Mix)
Jackmaster – Hey Jack! (Acid Jacks Remix)
Jackmaster – Hey Jack! (Bonus Beats)
Jackmaster & Metalzone – Diva Disaster!
Jackmaster & Metalzone – Diva Disaster! (Acid Jacks Brooklyn Prima Donna Mix)
Jackmaster & Metalzone – Diva Disaster! (Jackmasters 5am Mix)
Jackmaster & Metalzone – Divapella!
Jackmaster – Jackapella
Jackmaster – Bang It
Jackmaster – Bangapella
Jackmaster – Git Git
Jackmaster – Gitapella
Jackmaster – Crack House Talk
Jackmaster – Crack House Talk (Gigi Barocco Remix)
Jackmaster – Crack House Talk (Wongo Remix)
Jackmaster – Crack House Talk (Acid Jacks Remix)
Jackmaster – Crack House Talk (Jackmasters Ghetto Mix)
Jackmaster – Crackapella

This version gives a good glimpse into the micro-edit ghetto jack of the EP:

Jackmaster – Crackhouse Talk (Jackmaster Ghetto Rmx)


While surfing I happened across an unreleased remix of Crackhouse Talk by LOL Boys on the Hot Biscuits Blog.

This version has more wonk in its step and is more geared to the big room blog-house audience, a great find!

Jackmaster – Crackhouse Talk (LOL Boys Rmx)

Speaking of big room blog-house,  Busy P – To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Rmx) [buy]is a name-droppin’, hand wavin,’ party anthem that will find a good reception for the next few months. Especially here in Toronto in prep for the upcoming Decadence 09 party at Kool Haus…

Friendly Fires – Paris (Ft. Au Revoir Simone) Aeroplane Remix
A beautifully epic remix by Aeroplane clocking in at almost 8 minutes. Featuring jetplane-like filter sweeps, a delicate melody, very sincere vocals from Au Revoir Simone and a wonderful transition to an uplifting Moroder-like cosmic disco rinse out. Quality.

Continuing in the nu-disco theme, The Juan MacLean – Happy House  [buy] is a joyous mid-tempo disco house track guaranteed to make even the sourest person crack a smile. If you and your S.O. get into a fight about something stupid, put this track on and you’ll be bumpin’ rumps before it’s over!   Between refrains of: “You are so excellent,” a slow moving funk bassline and vintage keys keep the song trucking along before the clarion call of “Launch me into space!” switches up the last third of the song into a cosmic disco groove as the song gradually unravels.

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