FREE MIXER 2 + Hot Shit! Vol.3

Free Mixer2



Join us for the 2nd series of FREE monthly nights of Funky Breaks, Classic House, Raregroove, Downtempo, Electro and more at Sutra Tiki Lounge hosted by yours truly EG!

This month we’re pleased to present EG-ally and #1 Birthday Boy DJ Summitt Rouss!

You’ve no doubt seen the man in action at the high-energy Trashed! and Bootymove parties over the past couple of years, but this time around Summitt will deliver a throwback dj-set fueled by fruity mixed drinks and heaps of vinyl-based nostalgia.

Presents not necessary, just presence.

And now a special message from the b-day boy:

Summitt – Turtleneck Tech
This one is all techno business. Techno of the scarf wearing, turtle neck sporting, black beret capping, artsy hair cut coiffing kind. The thing that sets this apart, I hope, is that I’ve tried to pull from a variety of sources instead of going right to the bin marked ‘Techno’. These were pulled from blogs, breaks producers, hipster/scenester promos, local artists, jazzgroove labels, web labels and some of the usual suspects including the Popof track which I thought was the best minimal tech track I’ve heard since I first heard of minimal tech.

Here’s the track listing:

Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place (Andi Muller’s Looong Mx)
Madox & Dopamine – Distorted Mind
Mansion – Livid
Popof – The Chomper (LSD Version)
Tonka – Orca
Stratagem Ltd – 001
Acid Kids – Combat Rock
DJ Hyperactive – Lizard Lounge (Angel Alanis Remix)
Rainer Werner Bassfinder – Minimal Scarf Fuckers Drown
D.I.M. – Is You (Brodinski Remix)
Kebacid – Fallafellows
The Subs – Naked Jack


Wanna know more?

With more websites than a Ukrainian spam-artist, there’s a Summitt for every occasion:




This edition of Hot Shit! coincides with the Free Mixer post as I thought it would be a good way to showcase  the types of tech house I enjoy playing under the guise of gl.tch.  Running the gamut from jackin’, quirky, funky, wobble, to minimal; these selections will help you round out your collection.

P.S. If you come out to Free Mixer you may just hear some of these….

The Soft Pink Truth – Big Booty Bitches [buy] I can still recall the first time I heard TSPT: I was crate-digging at Revolution Records in Halifax in ’02 and I found the Promo Funk LP on Soundslike . I was blown away by the cheeky micro-edits, the originality of the compositions and the range of uses the 4 track LP offered. It’s a solid piece of work.

In any case,  Big Booty Bitches came out a year later on the Enhanced Do You Party? CD only. Amazingly arranged with tons of micro edits, this piece of music reps the booty style proper through TSPT’s tech-house blender.

Jacob London – This Train is for Cockfosters I first heard of Jacob London thanks to Beatport. A couple of years ago the site had free promo downloads and this was one of them. Honestly, I downloaded this strictly because of the title.  I was not disappointed. Starts off with interesting blend of funky bleeps and a housey breakbeat before launching into an absurd breakdown of micro songs. After the intermission the an electrofunk lead provides plenty of sass as the track rinses out.

Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn [buy] A jolly tuba bassline keeps this tracky tech-house number jubilantly marching  along. Brass stabs, of varying sample quality, keep the track interesting and produce interesting sonic artifacts that Rose delightfully exploits to good effect.

Donk Boys – Precision A collection of sounds from mechanical pieces and bits of spring inch this track along. It’s well-layered with interesting micro-rhythms that fall in and out of the composition before being overtaken by a  filtered insect-like buzzing and rhythmic drone. I guess you could label it on the techy-minimal side.

Amp Fiddler – Superficial (Moodymann Mix) Upon first hearing this track sounds like an organically made, read performed by live musicians with traditional instruments, deep house number. However, closer listening reveals Moodymann’s clever sampling of the original and the live version to fuse them into a slow but insistant groove. Soulful and slurred with a great low slung bassline this track wonderfully blurs the lines between deep and tech house.

Phra & Bot – Get it [buy] Imagine my surprise a couple years back when I discovered that Phra&Bot were the Crookers alter ego. Looking back I guess the shuffle beat is similar to most of their productions. This offering is a great “tracky” or loopy sounding bit of tech-house. Sparse vocals and ethereal morse code-like  swirls culminate in a filter sweep before dropping into a chunkier house  rhythm for a couple minutes and then starting the decline.

Whatchya say to me now?

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