In My Room feat. Mr. Tunes – September 11, 2013


Mr. Tunes and I do “talkie” show. He selected most of the music for the program and as a special treat he performs a couple of improvised pieces at 30 minutes in and 1h06 minutes and check out the debut of his new track “Dead Fish in my Lunch” @ 13:27. Throughout the show we take on the genre of “Luvstep,” his future job prospects as a futurejazz lounge singer and what’s currently in his music player.

Thanks again to Mr. Tunes for curating this week’s show!

Mr. Tunes live on In My Room – September 11, 2013


Intro: Inland Electric – Newspaper
Bonobo – Sapphire
Clicks & Whistles – Raw Passion
Mr. Tunes – Dead Fish in my Lunch ***EXCLUSIVE***
Mr. Tunes – My Mood ***UNRELEASED VERSION***
Mr. Tunes – Jumpsuit
Ben Butler & Mousepad – Other Islands II (Eero Johannes RMX)
Eprom – Love Number
Swindle – Start Me Up
Bonobo – Emkay
Jon Hopkins – We Disappear
G. Force, Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee – Feel the force
Exeter – Blubook
Flanger – It ain’t Rocket Science

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