In My Room feat. Gingy – July 24, 2013

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I first heard about Brian Wong aka Gingy when he did a remix of Syntonics’s “Droppin’ tha Bomb” released on local Toronto label, Intellegenix a few years back. Since that first remix, I’ve been following him on Soundcloud and have enjoyed Gingy’s spin on the darker, deeper and gritty area between techno and house. Now, with releases on Boysnoize Records, Southern Fried Records and Turbo Recordings and a recent appearance with production partner Bordello on Boiler Room in April the world outside of Toronto is now shouting: “Get me Gingy!”

The duo’s first release, the Body Acid EP, appeared on Turbo Recordings and received massive support from the likes of Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Nina Kraviz and Martyn. Their follow-up EP, Iron & Water, also on appeared on Turbo and featured 3 techno inflected tracks that found acceptance from a wide variety of jocks and spawned a remix EP as well.

Their latest creation, the Saturday Night Fervor EP  contains the original title track with Robert Hood on remix duty and “All Day” on the flip-side.  “Saturday Night Fervor” is pumpin’ techno soul made blurry. Think late night hand-raising and foot-stomping in equal measure. Listen to the end of the show for the Robert Hood remix. “All Day”is a more straight-forward and darkly funky acid stepper; hooked-up and housed-out by a way of a classic vocal snippet from the foxy B-Beat Girls’ “For the Same Man” released in 1983.  Chest-flexing, ass-bumping, hand-jackin’ groove.

At the top of the show we talk about his influences, his production tools and latest acquisition, his new EP. Afterwards Gingy takes off into techno beginning with his remix of “I Wonder Why You Cry.” Later in show, as an added bonus, Alixander III of Azari&III decided he wanted to jock some of his new and unreleased tracks for half an hour too and he closes his mini-set with Gingy’s latest fresh-from-the-studio mixdown of a forthcoming release with singer Starving Yet Full before Gingy gets back on and nails down some really fucking heavy and hard techno. Killer music throughout and fans of the deeper side of jackin house, techno, UK Garage and Acid are bound to find gems in here.

Gingy & Alixander III – Live on In My Room – July 24, 2013


Hard Mix – I Wonder Why You Cry (Gingy RMX)
Schatrax – A Question of Timing
DJ Bone – We Control the Beat
Kenny Larkin – Without (House Mix)
Abicah Groove – Musique de ve
Rolando – D & N’s
Levon Vincent – Together Forever
Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Dettman RMX)
Deuce – Cue ed
Casse Green & Tinman – Athletic
James Priestley & Marco Antonio – Speed (Trevino Remix)
Rodhad – Spomeniks
Takaaki Itoh – Serenity Through Pain
Deuce – Twerp wiz
AlixanderIII – Steel 5000
Green Velvet – Destination Unknown (RMX?)
AlixanderIII Gingy & DJ Karve – UNTITLED
AlixanderIII & Terrence Kissner – Power of the Beast
AlixanderIII – Counting Sheep
Azari & III – Fantasy
Azari & III – My Emission
Gingy & Starving Yet Full – RAPT (demo mix)

Dave Clarke – Red 1
Clouds – Future 1
Beast tamer – B2
Reeko – Wicked Wind
Gingy & Bordello – All Day (Robert Hood RMX)

Saturday Night Fervor to be released on Turbo Recordings August 12, 2013

Thank you again to Gingy and Alixander III for an amazing and unforgettable show!

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