In My Room – Apr.17,2013


For last week’s show I opted to do a more “conventional” radio show instead of the continuous mix method I typically employ in order to show off all the great new music that’s been sent my way.  I receive a lot of different types of music every week and I think this type of format is the best way to present a wide array of genres in 2 hours.

You can get the artist contact info by clicking on the links in the tracklist below. There’s a lot of terrific Canadian content this time around as well. Hopefully you’ll hear something from this  lineup that sparks your interest.

Sounds like: Jazz’n’Bass, Jazz, Synthpop, Ambient, IDM, Electro, Tech-House, Techno, Electrofunk, Modern Funk, Fusion

gl.tch – Live on In My Room – April 17, 2013


Aurganic – Pleasure Addict ft Jessica Stuart
Junior Electronics – Intimations
Gorf – DS1v3.32
Kid Spatula – Trike
Machine Drum – Carry the Weight
Junior High – DOPE
Phedre – In Decay
Rae Spoon – Ocean Blue
Mr. Tunes – Jumpsuit
Beta Frontiers – Oceana
Tiga – Plush
Flex Rock – The Art of Mediocrity
Opolopo – Linear Strut
DaM FunK – Levitate From it All

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