Six selections from Soundcloud on Sunday

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some finds directly with you, outside of a dj mix that is, so here are 6 of my new faves from

Da Goblinn’s “Trapped in Blue” is a dark, menacing, piece of stripped down analog ghetto funk. An insistent bassline alongside a distorted synth lead drive this one along. The punctuation of rolling snares, robo-vox samples, and evil vocoder keep it weird.

The Freestylers deliver a bass heavy party starter remix of “Ouepa Ouepa” (from the Stanton album “The Warriors”) featuring Hollywood Holts. Think UK Garage throwback with bouncy bass lines reminiscent of  the stuff on DJ Zinc’s Bingo Beats label. On top of the highsteppin’ bassline, you get fun party rap, a sweet loopy horn breakdown, some ragga style vox, and an awesome B-more style outro.  This is a choice party tune.

Australian filtered disco house producer has Sonny Fodera turned in a quality remix of Colette’s Crush that works well as a dance floor primer. Funky, filtered house with a good dose of reverb keeps the vibe sexy and blends well with Colette’s sultry innuendos.

Released this past summer on Boyz Noize Records, Asykan’s “Late Night Jemz” is an awesome 4-pack of mechanical, loopy, percussive, and driving techno. Fans of Umek, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola etc.. will undoubtedly find at least one cut from this release that will make the grade.  My faves are Lear, a nice bit of pumping percussive techno accented by swirling metallic reverb and  Des Errus reminds me of something from the hands of Robert Armani with its straight-forward beat upon which a swinging clipclop  rhythm and a pitched alarm snippet bob and weave between the 4×4 kicks.

Clouds’ “Consciousness” released on Turbo Recordings is a real gem.  The title track and the remixes will definitely get the most play but take a listen to the other 2 original works by Clouds on the release:

Sonic Swamp is a cheeky, percussive, piece of shuffle beat techno. Look out for the gritty rhythm switch-up at 3:20. Sparse, mechanical and fun.

Common Bounce starts with a dark and funky electro swagger beat that gets heaped with layers of fuzzy and distorted bass and eventually takes on a menacing and twisted feel.

Last but not least, is Hatiras’ electro-house rework of Jan Hammer’s classic Crockett’s Theme from the tv show “Miami Vice.” He keeps the elements of the original but loops it out, gives it a splash of reverb and really builds up to that iconic melody without letting it tip over into cheesy pastiche. I like the raw-ness of this re-rub as he filters, loops, decays and stutters his way through all the track, seemingly discovering new grooves from within the piece. Go get it while it’s still free. You’ll want this for every 80s party you’ll attend/dj/host from now till you die.

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