In My Room feat.WestsideWax-Nov.23,2011

Photo by Nadia Pejic

I met WestsideWax a few years back when I was living near Bloor-Lansdowne in Toronto.  We were both active posters on and started bumping into each other at techno jams in the west end.  In 2008, WestsideWax started up a part-time dj school and co-ordinated his launch with ComeUnity‘s graffiti activism event that spanned the alleyways and sideroads from Dundas West subway station to Keele.  The majority of the graffiti you see out the window while you’re riding the subway between those two stops was put up over that late summer festival weekend in 2008….

But I digress, he invited me to perform and showcase Serato (which was relatively new at the time) to his new students and prospective students.  Afterwards we chilled at his place and I was blown away by the depth of the dude’s crates of techno and his commitment to the art of all vinyl djing.

A true “head,” WestsideWax has been djing for nearly 30 years and his dedication to the art of djing and the spirit of rave are an inspiring and welcome relief from today’s constant distracted barrage of disposable novelty and “cookie-cutter” music.

His first set is a trip down memory lane with Industrial, Post-Punk, Rave, Classic Chicago House and Techno. After our interview, a Techno set to close things out.

WestsideWax-Live On In My Room-Nov.23,2011


Cabaret Voltaire – C.O.M.A.
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion
The Safehouse – Exactly
K.Alexi Shelby – My Medusa
D.A.F. – Brothers (Gabi’s Mix)
Phuture Pfantasy Club – Spank Spank
Colourbox – Manic II
Starlight – Numero Uno (Club Mix)
49ers – Touch Me (Sexual Version)
M.Doc – It’s Percussion (House Mix)
Two Of A Kind – Like This
On the House feat. Marshall Jefferson – Ride the Rhythm
On the House – Pleasure Control
Levon Vincent – Man or Mistress


Blackman – Trapped
James Ruskin – Indirect World
Frankie Bones – Deputy of Dub
Freddy Fresh – Tether ft. DJ Slip
S.Bichnell – A2 (Club Tracks S.B. Project Pt.2)
Mike Parker – W+P
Space DJz – Lights
Damon Wild Vs. Function – Friction
Fast Eddie – Player Face
DJ Slip – Crowd React
DJ Shufflemaster – Appear Again
Terence Dixon – ????

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