In My Room returns on

After a few months on hiatus In My Room is back online!

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, CKLN’s broadcasting license was revoked by the CRTC back in January 2011 and although we were granted a stay for a few months, we ceased broadcasting on 88.1 FM – after almost 30 years – in April and left the Ryerson campus.

This past summer, CKLN was fortunate to partner with Regent Park Focus who opened their doors to provide a space for CKLN to continue to offer our diverse and challenging programming online as internet radio station. Along with the change in venue and broadcasting status, was a change in the programming schedule. Lucky me, In My Room will now be a WEEKLY online show broadcasting live online at on Wednesday nights from 10pm-12am!

As before, I’m continuing to curate In My Room as a 2 hour spot showcasing an eclectic array of “dance” music with a focus on the underground sound. In the coming weeks expect interviews and guest sets by local djs and producers, artist spotlights, label profiles and I’m excited to reach out and work with our new programmers and community partners.

If you’d like to submit a set /track, want to perform, or have something to say, let me know! After all, community radio works best when it works with the community.

Tune in tonight on from 10pm-12am for a live, dj set by yours truly.

Thanks for your continued support for independent, community radio.


I’m hoping to get the playlists and copies of the sets up online here after the broadcast. Since we’ve just moved there are still some kinks to work out…stay tuned.


One response to “In My Room returns on

  1. My apologies to those of you who tuned in and didn’t hear anything from me – plenty of jazz and reggae tho, right? – we were temporarily locked out of the studio by the automatic locks for nearly 2 hours. By the time we got in it was too late to setup and start.

    Massive bummer.

    Let’s try next week?

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