Stoked for BOUNCE by the LAKE – The Disco Bizness

Hey all!

I’m back from summer break with some super news:

The gents at Bounce have invited me to come spin some disco and disco-inflected beats at their last Bounce event of the summer! For the past 2 years, these parties have been the highlights of my summer. The vibe is always positive, open and very dancey: a dj’s dream come true…

Y’all know I’m no stranger to the world of disco fun and I’m stoked! I’m opening the 12 hour FREE event from 1-3pm and over the course of the day/night you can probably expect choice cuts of…..

Classic disco:

Funk & Boogie:


And of course their modern re-workings:

Filtered Disco House:

Nu-Disco & Italo:

Disco & Funk Cut-up/Loopers/Sidechainers:

By no means is this an exhaustive list….just something to get you primed.

Finally, after dark you’ll be treated to a live vj show by St. Catharines-based artist Marinko!


Keating Channel Pub

2 Villiers St. (off Cherry just south of Lakeshore)

See you there!

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