Happy Canada Day – Happy Pride 2011!

It’s a big weekend.

Friday afternoon, the Bounce crew is throwing a FREE party at Keating Channel Pub. If you’ve never been to one of these jams, you’re missing out!


I think I’ll hit up the Food Truck Festival in the Distillery District from 11am – 3pm. Toronto’s street food options are horribly limited, that’s a post for another day, but at the Food Truck Festival I hope to get a glimpse and a sampling of what’s possible for street eats. All items $5 or less! How can you go wrong?

Later on, hmm probably wander through the Village, hit the Renegay Stage for some dancing and then play impromptu pick-up games of street frisbee?


Maybe catch the parade? But definitely hit the South Stage to see my homegirl Chiclet spin for a crowd of thousands!

Afterwards, the Carry On at the Phoenix….

Whatchya say to me now?

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