A classic UK Techno mix for you…

DJ Placid (UK) is an authority on the classic sounds of dance music with a special focus on acid. I’ve been listening to Placid’s mixes for a couple of years now and I’m continually impressed by his programming, mixing skills, and the depth of his crates.

Made exclusively with vinyl, this mix is ESSENTIAL listening for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of electronic music. Music like this isn’t easy to mix and his talent really shows.  Placid has a great ear and he deftly blends the many melodies and moods of classic UK acid techno.

It’s like a time machine. Seriously.

Placid – UK Techno/IDM 

Bizarre Inc – Movement of Sound – BLue Chip
Random Factor – In Visible Light – 20:20
Stasis – Point of No Return – B12
Global COmmunication – 7:39 – Dedicated
Hi Ryze – Ride the Rhythm – Brainiak
Analogue Bubblebath – En Trance TO Exit – Mighty Force
DJ Mink – Hey Hey Can you Relate – Warp
C & M Connection – Another Night – Blue Chip
As One – Amalia – A.R.T
Claro Intelecto – Lacan – Modern Love
A Guy Called Gerald – Valentines Theme – White
Black Dog Productions – Black Dog Productions Ep – Rising High
Epoch 90 – VLSI Heaven – Oh Zone
Gak – Gak 4 – Warp
Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis – Network
Nuron / Fugue – Likemind 02 – Likemind
The Black Dog – Ambience with Teeth – Black Dog
Planetary Assault Systems – Sleeping Sin Seemless – Peacefrog
Schatrax – Mispent Years – Schatrax
Forgemasters – Track With No Name – Warp
Polygon Window – Polygon Window – Warp
Kirk Degiorgio – Mass – A.R.T
In Sync – Storm – Irdial
The Black Dog – Aural Wallpaper – General Productions

Done on one hit 2 x 1210’s 320kbps approx 275MB

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