In My Room with gl.tch – Mar.28/10


This time around I was flyin’ solo and feeling under the weather so I didn’t come in with a “game plan” or a particular theme in mind…just “get ‘er done and get in bed.”

What follows is a somewhat random selection of tunes from my collection and, aside from a couple of minor cock-ups,  I think it turned out pretty well.

Italo, House, Electro-house, Tech-house, Classic Electro,  and Rave:  I do it all. 

gl.tch – Live on In My Room – CKLN88.1FM – Mar.28, 2010


  1. Jonah K – Inspector Evans (Iron Horse Rmx)
  2. Azid Dizko – It’z Magik 
  3. Crazy Gang – Every Sunday
  4. Sphinx – Collision
  5. Tom Neville – Run in Reverse
  6.  Tim Taylor vs. Thor 54 –  Over the Hill (The DJ Rok Rmx) 
  7. Motion – Don’t Stop
  8.  Hypnotic  – Samba Stop Watch 
  9. Rainbros – Toms of Finland
  10. Skip Donohue – Hustle & Survive (Paul Woolford rmx)
  11.  Luke Vibert – House Stabs
  12. Andrea Giuliani + Luca Rossetti –  Minimario Jump
  13. The Subs – Mitsubitchi 
  14. Terror Tone –  Shake
  15. The Subs – From Dusk til Dawn (Zodiac Cartel Rmx)
  16. Telex – Do Worry (Kid Alex Rmx)
  17. Asem Shama – Motherload
  18. DJ Technician – Bonus Beats
  19. DJ Xed –  Koordinates
  20. Dynarec – Need No Papers
  21. Ectomorph vs. Amanda Blank – Parallax View / Ectospank
  22. Ice T feat Chris (The Glove) Taylor – Reckless
  23. N-Joi – Mindflux
  24. Kids on TV – Cockwolves (MindTransit’s Lovewolf Rmx)

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