Tonight: LOOSE! feat. Preacherman + Darren Marshall

Everyone loves theme parties right? You know what to wear and what to expect – we take all the confusion out of getting ready to go out!

This time around I’m opening so be sure to get there early!

This month: Be sure to deck yourself in PLAID and bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Daily Bread Foodbank

Joining us in our plaid-gasm are our feature special guest DJs: Preacherman and Darren Marshall!

Who dat?

Preacherman – a DJ whose dance music tastes are as varied as the friends he keeps. To him the 4/4 beat is the foundation, the canvas for which any possibility can lead to a feeling of DANCE. Influenced by his dad’s passion for Disco and Jazz; blended with his mother’s Latin blood, he brings a rhythmic flavor to his sets; each one
different in its approach, as he believes in sharing his ever changing mood through the sounds produced by the global talent in the scene today. An avid collector of MOONSHINE and Renaissance Compilations circa 1996-2000, the Preacherman would not begin to immerse himself in the DJ art until moving from Brooklyn New York and moving to Toronto to soak up the Scene. Beginning in 2005 he has carefully networked his way into the DJ community sharing his passion for House Music. Through hard work, dedication and a genuine love of the people that have made this music the soundtrack to their lives, The Preacherman teamed up with BOUNCE; their collective energies have hosted some great Funky House Chicago talent; having a direct impact in shaping and reviving a sound that is refreshingly welcomed here in Toronto. The Preachermanwill be delivering a unique blend of Tech Funk Tribal and Deep into his set for the Eclectic Groove on Friday March 26th.

facebook: preachermanthedj

He has invited his long time friend and producer Darren Marshall to play alongside. Darren has had recent success as a producer for Dirty Deluxe Records, a Toronto label currently featured on, and  Check him out on SOUNDCLOUD!


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