Hot Shit Alert: the Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive!


A couple weeks back, I stumbled onto the virtual time machine that is the Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive and was delighted to discover a whole slew of old mixes lovingly ripped from the cassette tapes and cds that helped build the Toronto Rave scene:

In the past many top rated DJs have passed through the GTA and the surrounding areas bringing with them their unique styles and sounds. Always considered a top location for North American tours ravers were treated to not only the best of international stars but Toronto also boasted a wealth of local talent.

The point of this site is to bring together the great sets of the past and help to keep the vibes that make our city the place to be alive. From Trance to Rotterdam we have been working hard to bring you a bit of everything that the Toronto rave scene was about.

It’s rare to see someone so dedicated to the history of local electronic music and I highly recommend that you check out the collection!

One response to “Hot Shit Alert: the Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive!

  1. Very glad you found and are enjoying my site ! To anyone that has any mixes/tapes that I don’t have please get in touch with me as I am trying to grow the site as much as possible !

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