Let’s Talk Techno


Aside from the fact that it’s about damn time I made a Techno mix, I made this mix as a sort of a tool to play for people who had negative impressions about Techno. I wanted to show them, that with a sense of humour and a willingness to experiment, Techno is a lot of fun to dance to and play with.

So, I recorded two sets….

The original

gl.tch – Let’s Talk Techno


1.  Thomas Schumacher – Ficken? (S.I. Futures Remix) [TSX Recordings 2002]
2.  738 – Funky Hustle [Concept Records 2006]
3.  Valentino Kanzyani – Nueva York [Intec 2005]
4.  Ade Fenton & Body – Bullet (WJ Henze Remix) [Primate Recordings 2006]
5.  Jerome Baker – Bout to Party![Relief Records 2007]
6.  Robert Armani – Ambulance (Boriqua Tribez Remix) [Impact Mechanics 2007]
7.  Veztax – Nature (Marko Nastic Remix) [Recon Warriors 2005]
8.  Eric Sneo – Big it Up [CLR 2005]
9.  Marco G – Who is the Machine? [Yin Yang 2006]
10. Queaver & Versis – Two Fatly Big Eggs [Miditonal 2004]
11. Thomas Krome – Woodcarver Remix [Code Red/Drumcode 1999]
12. Eric Sneo & Felix Krocher – Ordered Chaos [Beatdistaster 2008]
13. Joel Mull – Codered 10 (Advent Remake) [Code Red 1999]
14. Lattenheim – Braincell Error [TST 2004]
15. Max Walder – Persistance [Corachi Records 2006]
16. Juliam Liberator & Lenny Dee – Discotheque [Stay Up Forever 2006]
17. Eric Sneo & Felix Krocher – Distorted Disco [Beatdistaster 2008]
18. Sven U.K. Presents Bangkok Cops Feat. Miss Yella – My Radio (Marco Remus Remix) [Grasshopper Music 2002]
19. Leo Laker vs. Tomash Gee – For the Germans [Compressed 2006]
20. Ignition Technician – Work this Motherfucker [Androids 2006]
21. Speedy J – Bugmod [NovaMute 2002]
22. Axel Karakasis – Point of No Return [Primate Recordings 2006]
23. Baruka – Play it Loud (SLS Mix) [Monoid 2001]
24. D.A.V.E. the Drummer – Untitled 1 Hydraulix 34 [Hydraulix 2006]

And after you’ve listened to that version for a while, listen to the one below…

gl.tch – Let’s Talk Techno (4am Delayed Onset Mix)

On this one I overdubbed a series of samples and vocals…too many to bother listing. Seriously.

All the tracks are the same but they just have some extra spice.dancingredpepper

In a way I wanted to re-create what goes on my head when my mind catches a groove. And how after a while I begin to imagine lyrics or make sound associations until I lose myself in the music and dancing. There’s also some jokes in there you may not get or appreciate. But hey, if you can’t stand this version or you’re in mixed company: you have the original!

I hope you have as much fun listening, dancing, and showing this mix to friends as I did making it.

Whatchya say to me now?

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