New Serato ScratchLIVE Easter Egg Revealed!

I’m a big fan of Serato ScratchLIVE because of it’s powers of emulation and IMO it’s a great fusion of analog and digital djing. I’m thrilled about this new Loop-Roll Easter Egg because, unlike the previous Auto-Roll feature, the track stays in sync and doesn’t mess around w/ your loops.

If you’re on 1.8.3 (latest full release) you can implement the Loop-Roll Easter Egg by creating a new crate, titling it “this is how I roll” (no quotes) and then triggering it with Ctrl-Alt (or Apple-Alt on mac) and numbers 1-5 for the left deck and 6-0 on the right deck.

This creates an effect similar to the loop roll on a Pioneer DJM800 that stutters out the track when implemented and then leaves the track off where it would be if it had been playing all along once the key is released.

To avoid having to create a new crate with every launch, just save a file in the crate.

If you’re using the 1.9 Beta though, this is already implemented by default.

You can learn about the previous Easter Eggs for v.1.8 here.

BTW if you are a ScratchLIVE user you can find tons of useful stuff in their forums!

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