gl.tch & Chiclet Live on CKLN

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any dj help for the show this month so I thought I’d gradually work my way up from tech-house but, lo and behold Chiclet showed up with her drunken posse (note: I said POSSE 🙂 ) and about 30 minutes in to the show she took over. Later on, I threw a couple of  tracks in here and there. I think this is a decent live set and there’s a great variety of tracks in here.
If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the voice of often shouted-out EG resident Shalom. Also, that track by Glitch is awesome…but it’s not me. Different spelling. He/she/they put out some pretty good stuff. No, I have no hard feelings about the name.
gl.tch&Chiclet-Live on CKLN 88.1FM-Jan.25,2009 (recorded off the radio for that extra vintage sound that you crave!)
Funk D’Void & Phil Kieren – White Light
Raiders of the Lost Arp – Beyond the Dark (DS2/Los Harmanos Remix)
Donk Boys – Elephant
Phage, Daniel Dreier – Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy (Original Mix)
Trade Marq – Dirty Girlz feat Marcy Fluckinger (Lil Mark’s Dirty Bumsex)
Zoo Brazil – Lose Control (Freaksundertoneredo)
Bonde Fumagante – Bonde Fumagante (James Curd remix)
Samim feat Big Bully – The Lick (Derrick Carter rmx)
Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk – Love Can’t Turn Around (Lifelike Remix)
Kevin Duvall – I Feel Love (Baggi Begovic rmx)
Le Tigre – Call Me (ATOC remix)
Azzidio de Bass – Doom’s Night (Laidback Luke remix)
DRNKN MNKY – Gimme Gimme Gimme
Evil Nine – They Live
The Touch – Maximization Nation (Trevor Lovey’s Remix)
Ercola ft. Annie – Follow Me (Rogerseventytwo Remix)
Mark Knight ft. Luciana – Party Animal
Sharps – Girl Sweat
Mel Mario – Domino Dancing Club Mix
Black Kids – I’m not gonna teach your girlfriend how to dance with you (The Twelves Remix)
Hirshee – Just the Beginning
O2ner – Travel (superbeatz remix)
Glitch – Superwavin
Phunk Electric – Video Game Crash (Boy-8-Bit remix)
Futurecop – NASA (Cryptonites Remix)
MSTRKRFT – Easy Love
Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff
DJ Gero, Digikid84 – Heart and Soul (DJ Gero remix)
Cicada – Falling Rockets (Just A Band Rmx)

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