What’s in the box?

Last night I went to the Drake Underground to check out the first of a five night theme party entitled: “What’s in the box?” When I arrived, electro-rap duo 84.85 was blasting a high energy set to a slowly filling room. The MC was entertaining albeit a little rough and the room seemed to be feeling the vibe. After a short break, DJ Cryo of Syntonics got on the decks and dj’ed a short set of urban/ghetto tinged mashups (Drop the Pressure vs. Shake that ass, Crookers -Sveglia (OH SNAP Booty Alarm mix), etc…and after half an hour Barbi joined him on stage for their Live show.
I was surprised to hear how much dubstep they have incorporated into their act as they sang over the instrumental versions of varying remixes. Gone was the synth rack that characterized most of their live shows in the past, this time around they relied on custom edits and a backing track. It was entertaining to see Cryo cut it up on the turntable and his prowess didn’t go unnoticed.
Although the dubstep breakdowns and swaggering beat were nice changes to the traditional Syntonics sound, I found the shifts to the drawn out beat of dubstep to somewhat kill the dance vibe for me. But maybe I just can’t dance to it 😉 Can anyone?

I was hoping to hear these two new Syntonics tracks last night, oh well…

Barletta – Basslive(Syntonics Mean Muggin’ Mix)

This remix is super slick and makes use of jungle riddims and Westcoast Gangsta Rap – definitely dirty.

Cryogenetic ft. Barbi – In the Next Life

A slice of classic electro punctuated by vocoded speech and pitched vocals. I love it.

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