In My Room – May 15, 2013


This week I had no plan for the show aside from simply sharing some great new music from Toronto-based artists: Cyclist, Flex Rock, and Phelyns of Vedici. Considering the differences between these artists, I had to cover a lot of ground in between!

I open the show with Cyclist’s soon-to-be-released remix of  Andrew Clarke’s “Under The Sun” on SoulDeep Inc. Records. It’s a builder that would work well in a Nu-Disco or old school House set as the track  has an Italo vibe accented by gospel vocal cuts without going over the top into full-blown Diva.

This track sets the tone for the first half of the show and allows me to jock two tracks by husband and wife duo, Phelyns of Vedici. “I’m With You” is reminiscent of the pairs’ earlier Freestyle/Streetbeat work in Syntonics while “The Nite Calls” is a blast off into a 9 minute cosmic disco odyssey.

After dabbling with Nu-Italo and Electroclash, I bring the set into a darkened underground environment with Flex Rock’s  throbbing creepo acid remix of Tiga & Hulkkonnen’s “Trust your Body.” Yours free below for a limited time!

Tiga & Hulkkonnen – Trust your Body (Flex Rock RMX)

Then, inspired by the mechanical Speak ‘n’ Spell antics of his “This Song Is Brought to You By The Letter,” I head off into the realm of robots in search of Techno City.

Flex Rock – This Song Is Brought to You By The Letter

Sounds like: Nu-Disco, Electro-Funk, Boogie, Italo, Techno, Acid, Electro

gl.tch – Live on In My Room – May 15, 2013


Andrew Clarke – Under The Sun (Cyclist Remix)
Lone – Once In A While (Madland Mix)
Phelyns Of Vedici – I’m With You
Juan Atkins – Dayshifter (Oliver’s Nightshifter RMX)
Reeno – Love Groove
Tomson, Benedict & Bantu Soul – Blind (Opolopo Boogie Remix)
Holy Ghost! – Hold On (Black Mazego Groove)
Theme From Vicarious Bliss – Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Lifelike goes to Disco rmx)
Phelyns Of Vedici – The Nite Calls
Lifelike – Love Emulator feat. Namebrand, Yota (Club Mix)
Arkademode – Super Hero Riot
Raid Over Moscow – Yellow Finger
Tiga & Hulkkonnen – Trust your Body (Flex Rock RMX)
Kebacid – Bandy Party
Flex Rock – This Song Is Brought to You By The Letter
Knightz Of Bass – Space Invaders
Dubsidia – Kill Humans 2012 (Dj Chaos Dirtyloud Re-rub Mix)
Ado – Revenue
Blynk – Metropolis (Jake Robertz Remix)
Dopplereffekt – Voice Activated
Morphology – Trioptimum
Audiotech – Techno City ’95

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