In My Room featuring Mr.Tunes – Jan.23, 2013


This week’s show was a break from tradition as Mr.Tunes and I decided to do a “conventional” radio show.

You know the type of show I’m talking about: Play a song, talk about the release, introduce the next song, play a song etc…

We both love a lot of different types of music and rather than try to force them into a traditional dj mix, we thought we’d try something different. The result is a fun jaunt through Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Boogie, Italo, UK Funky, Juke, Lovestep and Hawaiian music!

As a special treat, Mr.Tunes performed 4 of his new tracks live using Ableton and singing into a vocoder-like plug-in via a microphone. His new stuff is layered, introspective and is probably the most emotive music I’ve heard from him yet!

But the new shizz didn’t stop there! Mr. Tunes also rolled out some goodies from new alias Trance Mulliniks!

Look at this tracklist below….have you ever seen a more eclectic 2 hour show? As I promised in the show, I’ve included some links to the Canadian artists I played in the tracklist.

Thanks to Mr.Tunes for once again performing live and bringing a proper selection of music to In My Room.

Mr. Tunes & gl.tch do a conventional radio show on In My Room – Jan.23, 2013


  1. Barry Miles – Country Miles
  2. Charlie Parker – Groovin’ High
  3. The Headhunters – Straight From the Gate
  4. Cyclist – Point Blank
  5. Phelyns of Vedici – The Nite Calls
  6. Ho Ssy – ???
  7. Mr. Tunes – Softly ***EXCLUSIVE***
  8. Mr. Tunes – Raspberry ***EXCLUSIVE***
  9. Mr. Tunes – Push
  10. Mr. Tunes – Chocolate ***EXCLUSIVE***
  11. Trance Mulliniks – MessageTo ***EXCLUSIVE***
  12. Trance Mulliniks – World Star Champion ***EXCLUSIVE***
  13. Ryan Hemsworth – Colour & Movement
  14. Spell – Lullaby
  15. Alfred Apaka – Gay Hawaiian Party

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