In My Room – Dec.5, 2012


Another week, another rinse-out of all that’s good in the Nu-Disco / Disco Re-Edit, Deep/ Warehouse/Tech-House, Party Breaks, Electro, UK Garage and Techno spheres.

Some to look out for: Lone’s future steel-pan vibe, Speedboats & Big Explosions’ dancefloor filler,  a UK Garage throwback by Terror Tone, Sex Marx’ throbbin’ techno, and of course Vitalic’s high energy and hoover-ific No More Sleep.

One click and you get it all!

gl.tch – Live on In My Room Dec.5, 2012


Rio Edits – Synth Soho Good
Holy Ghost! – Hold On (Instrumental)
6th Borough Project – Endless nights
Lone – Once In A While (Madland Mix)
Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro (The Revenge Edit)
Crowdpleaser – DSG (Giorgio Gigli Remix)
Nautiluss – Mixed Numbers (Original Mix)
Oliver $ – You Got It! (Original Mix)
Soneec & Belocca – Bla Bla (Martijn ten Velden Remix)
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Speedboats & Big Explosions Scotch-Powered Remix)
Disco Boots – Upside Down (Dirty Freek More Funk mix)
Rob Threezy – The Change Up
Blynk – Metropolis (Jake Robertz Remix)
Sami Koivikko – Kampakuta
Nautiluss – Spidercrawl (Original Mix)
Clouds – Consciousness (Randomer Remix)
Waze & Odyssey – 2 Cool 2 Clap
Eli Escobar – I Believe Feat Lindsey Caldwell (Original Mix)
Double 99 – RIP Groove (Terror Tone Remix)
Bang Your Hat – I Just Like To Sample 2012 (Dj Chaos Re-rub Mix)
Clouds – Common Bounce (Original Mix)
Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis
DJ Assault – Backwards In Time (Instrumental)
Asykan – Des Errus
Seb Marx – Agro
Vitalic – No More Sleep

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