It’s PRIDE weekend in Toronto!

It’s the most Fabulous time of the year!
There are plenty of awesome PRIDE and PRIDE-Affiliated events going on this long weekend. If you’re in Toronto this weekend you should definitely head over to the PRIDE Toronto site to check out the full lineup…
But there’s one event in particular that I want to bring to your attention!
This coming Saturday, June 30 I’m super stoked to be DJing at the Renegay Stage starting @ 7:45pm.  
The stage is located in the Village Vapour Lounge Parking Lot at 66 Wellesley St. E (N.W. Corner of Church)
And of course, it’s FREE!
I’ll be performing under a new alias, Ferry LaGrunt. Expect a set of funky, raunchy, disco-soaked House and Techno!
There’s a ton of great music and several of these DJs have either appeared on In My Room or had their tracks played on air.
Hosted by local party-maker and DJ Boots Boogie and his partner-in-crime J-Lah;  this is not an official event but every year it’s one of the best “stages” going. No lineups, no hassles, just a kick-ass street party with great music from a raft of local and international DJs and Producers.
Be safe, respectful, and wear some sunscreen! I’ll see you in the streets!

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