In My Room feat. Jack Tripper-Jan.11,2012

Last week Jack Tripper aka Dylan T aka Dyjomat aka Bad Boy Dill (ha!) joined me in the studio for the first show of 2012. His was the first to tweet to the new Twitter account and in doing so earned himself top seeding on In My Room. A self-confessed vinyl junkie, Jack Tripper’s influences and tastes span the history of “dance” from disco to present day. He’s been djing for a number of years and his passion for both his craft and the music is evident. It seemed like he had a little story to go along with each record he pulled out and over the course of the 2 hours, between his knowledge and the collective wisdom of, I felt like I was getting an education in electronic music!

Armed with a bag of records, Jack Tripper laid down a wonderfully eclectic set of electronic music.  In fact, he was on such a roll that we were a bit pressed for time when we had to squeeze in a little Q+A  at the end of the set! Regardless, the man’s taste in music is terrific and his crates run deep;  I was shocked by how few of these tracks I’d heard before! Some standouts for me are highlighted in bold below but the whole set is a great sampling of Classic House, Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Garage, Tech-House, Deep House, Nu-Disco, Electro and Rarities.

You won’t be disappointed…

Jack Tripper-Live on In My Room-Jan.11, 2012


  1. Members Only Historical Archives Vol.7 – Shooting Stars
  2. Acid Washed – General Motors, Detroit, America
  3. Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City) [Mark E Dub Version]
  4. Gavin Russom – Night Sky (The Mutant Beat Dance Adjustment)
  5. GB’s – ??? [Gomma 86]
  6. No Regular Play – Takin’ U Back
  7. Pantha Du Prince – Fountain Drive
  8. Shinto – Hikkurikaese
  9. Ost & Kjex – Zwei Jahre aus Kloh
  10. Rebolledo – Steady Gear Rebo Maschine
  11. Gui Boratto – Azzurra (It’s not the same version)
  12. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up
  13. Virgo Four – Sex
  14. Marcel Knopf – Lone Gone Home
  15. Traxx – XTC 4 Luv feat. James T. Cotton
  16. Round Two – New Day
  17. Gwen Guthrie – Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)
  18. Girls on Top – I Wanna Dance with Numbers
  19. Xanadu – Computer Communication
  20. Key-Matic – Breakin’ in Space
  21. Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns
  22. No Smoke – Koro Koro (Black is Black)
  23. Joe Smooth – Promised Land
  24. George Benson – Love X Love (Koko Southport Edit)
  25. Oliver Koletzki & Fran – Arrow & Bow (Channel X Dub Mix)
  26. Micheal Mayer – That What I Told Sanchez
  27. Ost & Kjex – Milano Model
  28. Appaloosa – Intimate (Instrumental)
  29. Red Motorbike – ??? [White Label]

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