In My Room feat. Mr.Tunes-Dec.7,2011

Last month, in November, Mr.Tunes and I dj’ed at Rasputin Vodka Bar together and afterward, while I was sniping tracks from his playlist, we started talking about his recent forays into “live looping” and the new EP he was working on. It had been almost a year since he was last on the show and I was interested to hear his new material, especially since I’d just finished “stealing” a nice handful of tracks on my USB drive.

In this episode, Mr.Tunes raised the bar for guest appearances on In My Room. Click below to hear an eclectic dj mix, new original material by the man himself, and a live performance of Mr.Tunes’ new love: live looping.

Oh, I took over for last 20min or so and played a set of quirky, dreamy, loopy, and reverb-laden nu-disco.

Sounds like: Tech-House, Deep House, Jazz,  Nu-Disco, Dubstep, Electro, Live Looping, Experimental

Mr.Tunes Live on In My Room  – Dec.7, 2011


  1. Billy Wright – Summer Love (Beyond There Remix)
  2. Barry Styles – Jazz Dancer
  3. Rachid Taha – Ya Rayah (Edit Version)
  4. Flat Earth Society – Psychoscout
  5. Presk – Devour
  6. Renegades Of Jazz – Karabine
  7. Urban Myths – Without You (Dubwise Mix)
  8. Captain Planet – Samba Radiante 2011
  9. Chris James, The Egyptian Lover – Lets Get Intimate
  10. Session Victim – We Want To Thank All Our Friends
  11. Landslide – Parables


  1. Mr. Tunes – d.matter *** EXCLUSIVE ***
  2. Mr. Tunes – Portugeasy *** EXCLUSIVE ***
  3. Mr. Tunes LIVE LOOPING SET!
  4. Mr. Tunes – System Exclusive *** EXCLUSIVE ***

Interview & Switch!

  1. Walter Jones – I’ll Keep on Loving You
  2. Soul Clap – Noneadawhitestar
  3. Cole Medina – Medina’s Magic
  4. Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation
  5. Tensnake – Holding Back My Love

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