In My Room – Oct.26,2011

For the final Technoir Vol.2 “sorting session” I started off with some moody, vocal tracks before moving into the tech-ier side of things, and closed, on a whim, with a ripping techno mashup of No More’s “Suicide Commando” from 1981.  After a month of jocking the darker side of electronic music on the show and soliciting your feedback, I’m ready to hit the studio.  In case you missed the live broadcast, take a listen to the set below and let me know what tracks should be in or out of the mix. I’m hoping to have the final product by the end of November at the latest.




  1. Trent Reznor – Quake Theme
  2. Detroit Granda Pubahs featuring Miss Kittin – After School Special
  3. Audiobullys – Real Life
  4. Crowdpleaser & St Plomb – Rather Be (Thomas Brinkmann Mix)
  5. Dot Allison – Substance (Felix_da_Housecat_mix)
  6. The Knife – Pass this on (Dahlback and Dahlback RMX)
  7. Gino S & Snake Plissken – Red Moon (French Kisz RMX)
  8. Kevin Gorman – DMX
  9. Par Grindvik – Mnemonic
  10. Hirn Tut Gut – Mensch Winstann
  11. DJ Msoga – Space Orks Last Battle March
  12. Remute – Mit Freundlichen Fuessen
  13. Sven Vath, Roman Flugel & Jorn E Wuttke – Fire
  14. Lenny Dee & Julian Liberator – Juggernaut
  15. Frank Biazzi – Turbulence
  16. Marco Bailey – Liquid Lab
  17. Nathan Outhouse – (Marko Nastic RMX)
  18. Groove Korp – A-System
  19. No More – Suicide Commando
Apologies for the delay getting this post up, but I’ve been battling a flu for the past few days…

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