In My Room Oct.5,2011

This month on the show I’m going to be sorting and sifting through my all of my dark, creepy, aggro, Horrorshow, weird, and odd-ball dance music in order to create a shortlist of tracks for my next volume of Technoir. It’s hard for me to believe it’s been almost 2 years since the first volume (tempus fugit!) and I think I’m long over due for a second instalment!

Unlike the previous volume, you’re invited to participate in the creative process of putting together a studio dj mix. I want to hear from you. Love/Hate a track? Let me know via the comments or email over the next few weeks and I’ll make sure it gets into, or stays out of, Technoir Vol.2.

This episode of In My Room is a real grab bag of genres: Tech-House, Electro-House, Techno, Breaks/Electro

gl.tch – Live on In My Room – Oct.5,2011


  1. Captain Commodore – Another Lonely Night
  2. Jonah K – Inspector Evans (Iron Horse RMX)
  3. Yello – Lost Again
  4. Atrau Me – Factor City
  5. Margot Meets the Melody Maker – Torch (Namito’s Torture RMX)
  6. Eyerer & Chopstick – Electric (Williams RMX)
  7. DIM – Airbus Baby
  8. Acid Jacks – Crazy Legs (Extended Dance Mix)
  9. Housemeister – Anti Gestern (Sonntag Mit Alex Mix)
  10. Black Devil Disco Club – Timing, forget the timing
  11. Justin Martin – Ghetto Train (Justin Martin Mix)
  12. H-man – Manga (Oxia RMX)
  13. Basteroid – Reaching Betriebstemperatur
  14. Mark & John – Jagging (Ozgur Can RMX)
  15. The Bulgarian ft. Spoek & Bukky – Jack it like a zombie (Santiago & Bushido RMX)
  16. Crookers – Sveglia
  17. Laidback Luke – Killing the kitchen
  18. Reinhard Voigt – Trax Pt. 1 (B2)
  19. Subhead – Subhead 013 (Fugo RMX)
  20. John Acquaviva – Hunter Gatherer (Samuel L RMX)
  21. Dynamik Bass System – Robotmachine
  22. Larry McCormack – Escape
  23. E.G. Oblique Graph – Fall into glass

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