CKLN ends broadcast on 88.1FM

I was disappointed to read that the Federal Court of Appeal announced that it wouldn’t hear the appeal of CKLN Radio 88.1FM.

I’ve been volunteering as a programmer for the station since early 2006 and in that time I’ve been able to share my love of music with the community. In the early days, the EG crew and tag-teamed over the 2 hours and after a year or so we started inviting guest djs to perform as well.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have many guest djs come by the studio and I’d like to thank them all again for donating their time and sharing their passion for music on In My Room.

Guests in chronological order of their first appearance:

  1. Barbi Castelvi
  2. Cryogenetic
  3. Syntonics
  4. Art Official
  5. Kris Hernandez
  6. Systematik
  7. Scary Uncle Dave
  8. Used DJ
  9. Hotmess DJs aka Derek B. Williamson & Chris James
  10. Freakout! aka Flex Rock & Caz
  11. Chiclet
  12. Summitt Rouss
  13. Mike Gleeson
  14. MindTransit
  15. JLR
  16. Terror Tone
  17. Mr. Tunes
  18. Rich Hope

I am very thankful to the station for the opportunity and to my fellow programmers and community members for their dedication to campus-community radio.

While I have yet to finalize my decision about my future involvement with the station, I am supportive of the collective membership’s transition to an online station (heard at which will continue to provide downtown Toronto with underground and community programming.

According to the press release:

The court has given CKLN Radio 88.1FM no time to bid farewell on-air, we must cease broadcasting. The stay of the original revocation decision had allowed CKLN to continue to broadcast until the Federal Court of Appeal denied CKLN’s appeal.

“CKLN Listeners and supporters deserve the biggest thanks of all for standing by us,” said Station Manager Jacky Tuinstra Harrison. “A community radio license is a precious, precious thing – it is the only means that Canadians have to access the airwaves that they-the public- own.”

This decision to revoke CKLN’s broadcast license sees Toronto’s oldest campus-based community radio silenced from its 28-year presence at the furthest left end of the FM frequency. It a heart-breaking step in the station’s hard-fought rejuvenation efforts, but the station and its constitutents can see reasons to be optimistic going forward.

If you are interested in finding out more about the issue or would like to lend a hand in CKLN’s future, there will be an emergency meeting open to all supporters and fans of CKLN as well as students and staff this Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 pm to discuss the consequences of the Federal Court’s decision to deny CKLN leave to appeal the CRTC’s revocation of our licence. The meeting will be in Room SCC-115 of the Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould Street.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who supported me and the radio station over the years and I wish CKLN the best of luck in however the membership decides to proceed.

Peace out!


Some interesting links on CKLN:

Below is a recent short doc on CKLN’s influence on the hip hop scene in Toronto

If you’d like to sign the petition to re-instate CKLN’s broadcast license and to protest the CRTC’d decision you can sign here:

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