Hot Shit! MindTransit’s Imperium & c. LP out now!

Now hear ‘dis!

All true ravers must heed the call…MindTransit’s new album Imperium & c. dropped last week and it’s already garnered some serious buzz on digital download sites:

Having previously reinterpreted rave and hardcore on 2005’s 1992 And All That, Canadian producer Mindtransit is back for a more updated journey through ravey beats on new album Imperium &c. Putting his techno hat on for the excellent “Nobody But You”, and going back to the 90s keys for “Just Another Piano Track” shows he’s still brilliantly routed in the early days of hardcore, while “Interregnum” shows that dubstep has had an influence of late – mixing a reggae-ish arrangement with plenty of clatter-drum and thick, thick basslines. More than just a nostalgia trip, this is another fine collection of unusual and very vital beats.

You can head over to Juno or Trackitdown to pick up a digital copy but just so you know what you’re getting into, MT posted up 2 mixed samples of his new album on soundcloud. See below:

Another tour de force! The man is on fire!

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