I was out last night at Andy Pool Hall Synchro Fridays

and had a great time dancing to the deep sounds of Denise Benson, Orly and Ghaleon. All three djs have a real appreciation for dance music and each, in their own way, provided a mini history lesson of dance music. I was truly amazed by both the good vibes at the place and the vast array of music heard over the course of the night. After playing the obligatory hour of pool and groovin’ to the warm-up indulgences of DJs in it for the long haul, I hit the dancefloor. Disco edits (so hot right now), classic house, acid house, mashups, pop remixes, booty, electro/fidget house and dubstep fueled a great night of care-free dancing and smiles all-around.


No pics. No shame.

Whatchya say to me now?

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