Review of Jonny Megabyte’s Pickles and Tootsie Pops EP

Shopping for tunes a couple of weeks ago I came across this amazing ghetto-tech EP.

Solid goods from front to back, Jonny Megabyte’s Pickles and Tootsie Pops EP  – released on Databass – is unconventional, underground, ghetto-tech jit/juke music.  Co-founder of Larkham Records, a label dedicated to experimental/lo-fi/underground ghetto-tech and booty, Jonny Megabyte breathes some new life into a genre that tends to be restricted to well-worn samples, song structures, and themes.

All 5 tracks hover around the 150-160 bpm range. Don’t be shy about the fast bpm –  that’s just the way the jit groove rides.

Here’s what you get:

Never Never Stop is an insistent jit anthem with sharp claps, clever rhythmic variations, and retro-sounding pads. I’d love to hear/play this at an underground booty party.

Liquid Gold reminds me a bit of late 9o’s introspective downtempo or atmospheric D’n’B with its warm pads anchored by snappy claps and filtered vocal stabs. A pretty and emotive bit of ghetto-tech…

Do you wanna ride? has a jackin’ percolator bubble synth with a simple pitch-bent bassline before being joined by RnB-inflected vocals – kinda reminds me of Ginuwine.  There are some great rhythmic variations with the vocal track and eerie e-pianos create a moody underground feel.

Get High feat. DJ Omega is the most traditional, in the loosest sense of the term, juke track on here. It’s a stripped down vocal party track  creeped out by dark synths underpinning a desire to dance and smoke weed.

Pickles and Tootsie Pops is the choice track for me. Driving, lo-fi, and twisted with quirky vocals and wonderfully retro pad sweeps. It’s experimental, catchy, and creepy. I would love to see a real jit throwdown with this as the soundtrack.

Samples courtesy of Juno Records

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