Hot Jambalaya for a rainy night

I’m stoked to play with the Bass Teasers crew and local Toronto legend-in-the-making Deko-ze at Nocturne tonight. We jumped at the offer of the second room and asked a couple of friends who are coming up in the scene to lend support to round out the EG roster.

First up is Joshua Reid who’s tech-house and funk sensibilities will get your head bobbin’ and your feet movin’. Next in line we’ve got DJ Ghaleon, a first for EG btw, who’s eclectic approach to electronic music should mesh well with the vibe we represent. From Reggae, to DnB, to Classic House and Electro House, this dj knows his stuff and I daresay might even be as versatile as your humble narrator.

Finally, yours truly and Kris “Mighty D” Hernandez will close ‘er out in style.

See the flyer below and get your name on the guest list stat:

Now to be honest with you I hate just using the blog as an extended promo mouthpiece all the time, so I’m including some goodies below of the hot disco shit I’m loving right now, expect to hear these tonight.

Get ya boogie on!

The Requesters – Breakin’Up – Filtered Disco Party Monster (Thanks Neonized)

Kill The Noise – Perfect Combination – Cheeky, Stuttered, Happy Sunshine, Filtered Disco (Thanks Smoothest Gooch)

Le Principle – You Can’t Fake It – Loopy, Mid-tempo, Vocal, Filtered Disco (Thanks Penned Madness)

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