In My Room with Mike Gleeson

Amusing Duck is amused by Mike Gleeson's Bump'n Go Action.

Back in December Kris and Mike Gleeson took over In My Room and Mike laid down a solid, bumpin’ tech house mix embellished with on-the-fly samples and acapellas for the last show of 2009. Funky, deep, and techy with a whiff of cheese: great stuff!

Mike Gleeson – Live on In My Room @ CKLN 88.1FM – Dec.27, 2009


01. Ken Nordine – Green [Asphodel]
02. Sis – Uhhhh [Cocolino]
03. 3rd Face – Canto Della Liberta(Acapella) [Classic]
04. Justin Martin – Beat that Bird(Donk Boys Remix) [Dirtybird]
05. 3rd Face – Canto Della Liberta(Acapella) [Classic]
06. Wighnomy Brothers – Guppipepitsche [Freude Am Tanzen]
07. Ken Nordine – Green [Asphodel]
08. David August – Trumpets Victory [Stil Vor Talent]
09. Sean Smith – Cloud 9 [Smooth Agent Records]
10. Native Soul – A New Day(Spencer Parker’s Remix) [Junior Boys Own]
11. Moody Man – Emotional Content [White]
12. Kris Wadsworth – Direct [NRK]
13. Ken Nordine – Green [Asphodel]
14. Galaxy Group – Out of Control(Asad Remix) [Loveslap]
15. Shipyard – Cargo [Mo’s Ferry]
16. Jurassic 5 – Work it Out(Acapella)
17. Justin Martin – Cicada [Dirtybird]
18. Akabu – I’m Not Afraid of the Future(Acapella)
19. Ibex – Love’s Better [Rush Hour]
20. Christian Malloni – Pow Wow [Undertones]
21. Jacob London feat. Joyce Muniz – Poem [CDR]
22. 2020 Soundsystem – Sliding Away(Johnny D Mix) [2020 Vision]
23. Caliman – Bacon Mohican [Tak Records]
24. Chez Damier – In and Out (Derrick Carter Mix) [Om]
25. Sebastien Leger – Venus [Mistakes Music]
26. Doobie Brothers – What a Fool Believes(Special 12″ Mix) [Warner]
27. Jesse Rose – Pop Yer Pop [Dubsided]
28. Daniel Steinberg – Es La Vida [Formatik]
29. Green Velvet feat. Kid Sister – Everybody Wants [Cajual]
30. Green Velvet feat. Kid Sister – Everybody Wants [Cajual]
31. Denace 2 Society – Second Dimension [Galvanic Germany]
32. Oxia – Whole Life [8bit]
33. Anthea & Celler – Down With G.O.D. (Sneak’s Mix) [Tuning Spork]
34. Jake Island – Real Love(Rocco Dub) [Toolroom]
35. Peter Funk – I Dreamed of You [I! Records]

January was a tough sonofabitch on me so I apologize for the delay. Check back later in the week for last Sunday’s Acid trip with DJ Flex Rock.

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