Flashback to ’92!

Welcome back!

Over the break I discovered  my newest favorite Toronto producer: Mindtransit.

He recently released  1992 & All That on Toronto-based Intellegenix Records and once I read the promo piece I knew I had to check out the album:

Mind Transit is an independent producer/remixer from Toronto, mainly influenced by old school Rave, Acid, and Ambient House. Ignoring technological advancements, MT uses 90’s samplers, keyboards and recording techniques to make old-school UK-style techno that sounds at the same time current and classic.

Mindtransit is the goods.

The album explores the hardcore old school rave sound and his talent really shines in how well he can authentically replicate the techniques and the sounds of the era.

The whole release is amazing and, if you’re a fan of the old school sound, I highly recommend you get the album.

Some of the gems on 1992 & All That include: “Use It!”which opens with a vintage disco hit before launching headlong into the pitched piano revlery often found at hockey games between plays. On the track  “New Rave is Dead,” he takes a jab at the current trend in dance;  “Blackmarket Polyphony,” is an odessy through hyper vocals, pitched pianos, big beat drums and insistent robots, and my personal fave “Rave da Roof,” is a tough steppin’ bastard cousin of jungle with huge sweeping acid lines.

Here’s a taste of what the dude can do:

Kids on TV – Cockwolves (MindTransit’s “Lovewolf Remix)

Holy shit eh?

Yes, you heard Human Resource – Domniator in there…

PLUR buddy!

Whatchya say to me now?

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