Trashed! Tonight.


Catch up with me at Toi Bar tonight…..

Promo text to follow:

Friday, November 6th

Toi Bar
577a College Street


Honestly, we’ve never really liked set times. Not because we usually get stuck with the opening slot at other parties and we’ve finished playing before you’ve even left the house but because they don’t really create a nice tight party vibe.

No DJ likes looking at the clock when they’re playing while the ‘headliner’ stands behind you tapping his feet impatiently waiting for you to mix in your last track. We’ve always liked to keep it loose. The DJ wants a fresh beer? Why not tag in the next guy for a few tunes. Hot woman in the V-neck been giving you the sex eye since you dropped that Lady Gaga remix? Throw the headphones to your buddy and go promise her some Katy Perry in exchange for a phone number. That’s how we roll at Trashed and we know you love us for it.

To help us round out the field this time we’ve hired two of our favourite dudes to join us in this disc jockey royal rumble. Gl*tch and Rich Hope have both strapped on the ear goggles for us before but to our knowledge they’ve never been on the same bill. That qualifies this night as A WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Pretty kick ass eh?

So join us as this musical man-cordian of DJs ‘drops some science’ as Dad might say.

Whatchya say to me now?

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