Technoir Vol.1 + LOOSE: Halloween Edition

I was debating whether or not to make a Halloween mix this year and  – I nearly didn’t thanks to some nightmarish plumbing issues at home – I decided to present a sampling, a collection if you will, of eerie electronic dance music that could be played as a set, or serve as a reference tool for djs looking for tracks to help creep out the dancefloor on this most sinister occasion.

Unlike the selections I wrote up on last year’s Halloween post, I stayed away from the over-the-top silliness and camp that often accompanies this day of the year and focussed instead on the techy, aggro, creepy, horrorshow side.

I present to you in the spirit of all things unholy…

gl.tch – Technoir Vol.1

1. Jamie Jones – Amazon [Freak ‘N’ Chic]

2. Harry Axt – Tag Der Befreiung [Grand Petrol Recordings]

3. Mika – Grace Kelly (Tom Neville Remix) [Universal Island Records]

4. The Vegetable Orchestra – Human Leak (Basteroid Remix) [Karmarouge]

5. Alexander Robotnick – Jette Le Masque [Hot Elephant Music]

6. Da Fresh – Electronic Supafreak[Weaked Records]

7. Citizen Kain – Peep My Ride [Regular]

8. Cubenx – Asleep (LOD Remix) [Sinergy Networks]

9. Brian Sanhaji – Quantum [CLR]

10. Sex Schon – Cock’N’Roll [PIAS]

11. Lowkey & Noisebuilder – Dancefloor Heaven [GOOG Records]

12. The Autobots & Screwface – Flesh Eater (General Midi’s ‘Kent Brockman’ Remix) [Broke]

13. Oliver Huntemann – Rotodrom (gl.tch edit) [Confused Recordings]

14. Vicarious Bliss – Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Dave Clarke Remix) [Skint Records]


All dressed up and no place to go?

Ditch that lame houseparty and come see me open LOOSE @ Voglie  in Toronto this Friday!

Loose Oct 30, 2009 flyer

We all know how crazy Halloween is on Church Street.  If you missed out on the Revenge of the Nerds costume party this Halloween edition can’t be missed!

4 reasons to attend:

First: Adding to the chaos and raging good times we bring you the one and only Canadian superstar Robb G to give you the 12 inch therapy that you need. A FREE party with Robb G? You’re welcome!

Second: Double birthday bash for the friendly yaysian chicken wing lover Chiclet and super-designer-extraordinaire, Shannon. Happy Birthday!

Third: We have the rest of the EG Crew gl.tch, systematik & kris hernandez to make sure that the floor will be pumping all night.

Fourth reason: It’s a Costume Party and it’s FREE FREE FREE!!!


Main Room (Upstairs):
ROBB G (promo records, activate,
chiclet (b-day girl!)
Kris Hernandez

Chill Room (Downstairs):
DJ Darren G
DJ D-lux


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