Jazz for a rainy day in Toronto

It’s raining again in Toronto and I nearly drowned on the way to work this morning.

I’m deep into the jazz and like water off a duck’s back I’ve got no worries – thanks to Istolethesoul:

Packing My Bags For The Jazz Café: Boarding Pass

01  Gerardo Frisina – Zanja
02  Nery Bauer – Mercado Do Porto
03  Nicola Conte – The Nubian Queen (Samba Version)
04  LTC – Breakfast With Silvia
05  Eddie Jefferson – So What
06  Elsie Bianchi – Happy Little Sunbeam
07  Jukka Eskola – Chip ‘N’ Charge
08  “Chivo” Borraro – Half And Half
09  Nathan Davis – Bahia
10  Ritmo + Sabor – Cosas De Mantecas
11  Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band – Latino In Cairo
12  Salah Ragab – Neveen
13  Middlewood Sessions – Red Waters
14  M-Swift Presents 24 Carat – Swiftiest

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