Dirty Motorin’

I’ve been booked to jock at the final installment of Promise‘s Dirty Motor [FB event link] series on Friday, April 24/09 @ Amazonas – 1307 Dundas St West in Toronto.

Stoked to play again under the guise of my crass pornobeats-lovin’  alter-ego DJ STUD400 alongside such an amazing line-up:

(info from Promise)

Mr Fuss (H30 Recordings, Submerge, Electrofunk) – Detroit MI [booty house and ghetto-tech]

Jo Fuss has been a helpful collaborator with our Dirty Motor nights and is completely schooled and connected with all things Electro, Techno, Booty and beyond. He’s originally from Detroit and has deep connections with crews like Underground Resistance and Detroit Techno Militia. We’re very pleased to finally welcome him to the decks.

Aris (Nightside Reconnection) [techno bounce]

We have a great booty mix from Aris, and his reputation precedes him solidly. We’ve found out recently that he and Mr Fuss and our friend Steph Vera (Technostep) are all in a band together – we’re excited that his musical credentials run deep. This’ll be fun.

Mike Tull (Bump N’ Hustle, Leisure) [detroit techno and baltimore club]

Mike’s a real treat for people who may see him only as a soulful house dj – Dave and I have begun to discover the depth and breadth of Mike’s music collection, he’s fast becoming our go-to dj for just about anything + he’s a super amazing and easy going guy to boot. Along with Detroit, we’ve asked him to represent the Baltimore sound for this Friday night. Bmore is our most fun latest discovery in music.

Cryogenetic (Syntonics, Intellegenix, electrobounce.com) [miami bass and booty house]
Mitch is Dirty Motor’s resident dj and the glue that holds the night together. We’ve had a great experiment with the whole Miami Bass and Detroit Booty House sound. Mitch has been an inspiring guide and resource and fun partner in the series. We’ve always liked his sound a lot, and it’s been great to hear his abilities every week in a row. Whatever he’s playing – booty, electro and all other permutations – he plays a really thoughtful and accomplished set. He’s very worth checking out whenever you can.

Dirty Motor Fridays caught the attention of Denise Benson, and she’s highlighted it in her weekly music column ‘Best Bets’.


And what’s an event posting without some tracks to get you hyped?

The following are some re-edits and mashes I’ve used in the past to make the hoes on the flo’ get loose:

DJ Omega vs. DJ Deeon & DJ Funk – Pussy Beater Pony (DJ STUD400 Mash)

Di’jital vs. UNK – Automatic Walk (DJ STUD400 Mash)

Get Funky Crew – Shake Them Titties (DJ STUD400 Nip-Tuck Edit)

Finally an awesome remix by Syntonics:

12 Gauge – Donkey Butt (Syntonics RMX)

See you there homies!

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