Hot shit! vol.1


Here’s a spoonful of hot shit from me to you. I oppose the seductive tyranny of the metric system so you’ll notice that there aren’t 10 suggestions. In the future there may be more or less songs on the list. That being said, let’s get down to bithnezz:

So Called – These Are The Good Old Days (D’s BHQ Vocal)

Still unreleased, I came across this track as the opener to Derrick Carter’s Resident Advisor dj set a couple of  months back. This track hits all the right notes for me: a catchy hook, Carter’s signature boompty bass, and can work as either at the start or the end of a party. Unfortunately, the set has been archived and is no longer available 😦 Consider this entry as the start of a wonderful journey of discovery. Here’s the original with video to help you on your way:

Larry Tee – Get Your Grind On

This 9 minute monster is made to murder the dancefloor!

One word: epic.

Big Gipp – Hot (Treasure Fingers Rmx)

Treasure Fingers delivers the goods on this remix. A simple disco-inspired lead and an electrofunk slide bass carries the track. Gorgeous female vocals: “Hot, Hot, Hot! I’m Burnin’ Up!” and did I mention there’s stardust sounds!?

Discotheque – Lenny Dee & Julian Liberator

Everytime I hear this track I want to run up to the first person I see and say “Listen to that fuckin’ techno!” while pumping my hands in their face. This is an awesome piece of funky, vocal, pumping techno accentuated by drill noises and juggled beats. Bang it!

Marvul – Don’t Stop

This mid-tempo aggro club banger buzzes like a staccato chain saw inflected with swirling alarm-like pulses  and of course the constant refrain “Don’t Stop.” This is a great effort from a new local producer

Alixander III & The Flashboyz – Party After Party(Scott Seewhale Remix)

Fom their promo mini-site: “Alixander III & The Flashboyz bring you Party After Party. A ghetto dance party anthem that is soaked with heavy 303 bass-lines, a booming 808, and vocals composed and processed through a very “circuit bent” Casio Sk1.  A rally call for all late night party kids to keep it popping.”

For me, the Scott Seewhale remix is where it’s at; processed vocals over a swinging /tracky disco house beat.

Mel Merio – Domino Dancing (Extended Club Mix)

Unfortunately all the links for this were broken at the time of writing so you’ll have to take my word about how great a  remix this is of the Pet Shop Boys original. Channeling Christopher Just, you’ll hear the signature bleeps of “Popper” delivering this reworking into the realms of anthemic. Party on!

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