ComeUnity Festival – Oct.11 recap.

This past weekend I volunteered some time to help out with WestsideWax‘s DJ School as part of the ComeUnity Festival in Bloordale (Dundas W to Keele).  He asked me if I’d come by and spin for an hour or so as well as teach anyone who wanted to learn about digital djing with Serato.

I’ve worked with WestsideWax a few times now and I appreciate his commitment to “grassroots” causes and gatherings. He’s a hardcore vinyl collector and seriously dedicated to the vinyl medium, but….I think I’m starting to win him over on the benefits of digital djing 😉

When I arrived at Keele Station I was blown away by how many graffiti artists came out to paint and furthermore how much support they had from local homeowners and businesses! The alleyway was awash in paint fumes and colour! In the Keele Station parking lot there were vendors set up, inflatable play structures for kids, a dj booth (separate from the WW DJ School at Dundas W), representatives of the major political parties, and tons of people!

Check out more photos by Tav here. Thanks to WestsideWax for hosting the images and bringing me on-board for this one – otherwise I’m sure I would have totally missed out! I was also shocked to read this news story on how the city can ultimately overrule a homeowner’s taste in art and bill them for the “clean-up!” This stretch of Bloor looks amazing now! And it’s hard to believe sometimes how much creative talent is around…I’ll be checking out the alleyway again this weekend to see how many have been finished since last week!

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