Syntonics blow my mind!

In my opinion, Syntonics are putting out some of the best dancemusic right now. Peerless production quality and a kick-ass live show make this Toronto-based duo instantly captivating and their works have inspired a tons of remix love.

Here’s a little blurb from their myspace page:

Electronic duo SYNTONICS is Barbi C (vocals/production) and Mitchell Anthony Gomes a.k.a. Cryo (production/turntables/talkbox/vocals). From Miami Bass/ghetto booty beats and 80’s Freestyle hooks, to New Wave synths and Electro-pop sensibilities, their retro-futurist productions capture elements of both past and present soundscapes . Mitchell Anthony Gomes a.k.a. Cryogenetic (Dj Cryo) , producer of many styles of electronic/electro music, began producing in the early 90’s and has produced over 20 full length albulms under numerous guises. In 2002 Dj Godfather’s Detroit label “Twilight 76” released the e.p. “Complex Cities” bringing Cryo’s underground status to a more internatonal level. Barbi Castelvi, a multi-instrumentalist, dj and vocalist has a history in the recording arts also dating back to the early 90’s. By singing on internationally released house and techno singles, as well as playing in new wave/rock bands for years, Castelvi finds a way to bridge her unique vocal stylings together with the signature electronic productions of Gomes. They have released two digital downloadable albums, Nexus Reality (2007) and Verb Synthesis (2008) , both downloadable on iTunes and several other sites. The duo have recently been signed to ELECTROBOUNCE which is Dj Godfather’s new label.

Aaaaand….they have a new track out:

Listen to Hook Up My Tonez

Signature “urban” vocal snippets, a sample from a locked groove mitch ripped from me :), catchy hooks + auto-tuned/vocoded vocals, and classic orchestra hits make this is a great bit of synth-pop with tons of remix potential!

“Hit me back, make it clap.”

Whatchya say to me now?

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